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Safeway Moving and Storage was founded on the idea that moving should be a pleasant experience by providing people with the highest quality and customer care possible. Whether you are moving locally in Orange County or Southern California, planning a long distance move to Central or Northern California, or an interstate move across the country, we will provide you with the highest quality moving services possible. Along with our professional moving services, we also provide full service door to door storage with a fully climate controlled storage warehouse. When you need to move, call Safeway Moving and Storage and join our many customers who say it's the best moving experience they've ever had.

Local Moving in Orange County and Southern California

When you need a local move in Orange County or Southern California, Safeway Moving and Storage is the one to trust for high quality and great prices. Safeway Moving and Storage provides local moving services for Orange County, San Diego and Riverside to all Southern California destinations. If you're looking for the most convenient move possible, you can have us provide our professional packing and unpacking services, where we will load all of your items into boxes, and unload them at the destination. You can count on us to provide the utmost in quality and professionalism on your local move in Southern California.

Long Distance Movers to Central California, Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area

When you're planning a move from Orange County or Southern California to Central or Northern California, you can expect the same level of quality from our long distance moving services. For most of our long distance moves in California, you can plan on being picked up and delivered the next day.

Interstate Moving across the United States, with Express Routes in the Western US

Are you planning a move in the Western United States? Our main routes cover California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. By limiting our interstate routes we can offer you much quicker delivery times and lower prices on your interstate and long distance moves. The quality of our long distance moving services are unparalleled, and we strive to provide the best moving experience possible to every one of our customers.

Commercial, Office, Business Moving and Storage Services

When you need to relocate your business or office, Safeway Moving and Storage has the experience and personnel to make it happen quickly. Most commercial and office moves come with special conditions mandated by the building management company. The main conditions are usually moving after normal business hours or on weekends, providing additional insurance documentation with the building management on the paperwork and extra protection for elevators, railings and floors. Safeway Moving and Storage has dealt with all types of commercial moving situations, and we know most of the different building management companies, so we can help guide you through the process of business and commercial relocations. If you are moving into a smaller office space, we can provide you with secure storage solutions, or if you want to keep excess files and papers in off site storage we provide secure file storage.

Full Service Door to Door Storage Services

Putting your excess items into storage isn't the difficult chore it used to be. Just give us a call, and we can come out and load your items into our mobile storage containers, and then you can have us put your items into storage in our climate controlled warehouse, located in Lake Forest CA. When your items are loaded into our containers, they are shrink wrapped and protected with moving blankets.

Self Service Storage

Do you want to keep your items in the most secure and cleanest possible environment while they are in storage, and still save money? You can drop off your items at our Lake Forest, Orange County climate controlled secure storage, we will wrap and protect them, and load them into vaults. Our storage system of vaults are much better sealed from the elements than a standard self storage facility, the unit is sealed, there are no openings for dust and insects to get in. Along with this, there is a controlled access policy in place to keep people from coming in and "browsing around". If you need access to your items on a regular basis, especially on short notice, then our storage system is probably not the best solution for you. If you want to keep your items well protected, safe, secure and climate controlled, then our storage facility is the best possible option.

Orange County and Southern California Piano Movers

Do you have a piano that you need moved? If you are just moving your piano in Orange County, then we can handle that job for you. When you have a piano to be moved along with the rest of your household items anywhere in Southern California, that's when we can save you the most amount of money on your piano move.

Professional Packing Services

When you are looking for the ultimate in convenience and ease for your move, consider having us do all of the packing and unpacking for you. You just sit back and relax or do more important things, and our professional packing crew will put all of your items into boxes. One of the biggest advantages of having us do the packing is security, our packing crews know how to pack dishes, glasses and fragile items very well, so there is less chance of damage or broken items. The other big advantage is time, the packers don't have an emotional attachment to an item, it's just an item that needs to be wrapped, protected and packed. As you go through and pack your own items, many of them will bring back memories or start a conversation, which leads to a lot of time spent packing your items. When you have very fragile and valuable items, If your time is important, consider having us do all of the packing, and we can unpack all of the items at your destination too.

Professional Crating Services

When you have very fragile and valuable items, then crating them is the best way to protect them during a move or for storage. Large glass table tops, statues, artwork, pool table slates valuable antiques and any items that are both expensive and fragile are better protected in a crate. Our crews crate lots of items, so we can build a crate that is custom fitted for your item. When we're done with the move, you can keep the crate for future use if you want to.

Labor Only Moving Services

Using labor only moving services for a local move is not usually cost effective. After you pay for a rental truck, mileage, gas, and labor, your savings are minimal for all of the extra effort. When you hire us for labor only, it's cost effective if you are doing a long distance or interstate move. If you are driving your rental truck into Orange County or Southern California from a long distance move, we can do all of the unloading and get it done quickly. Our crew will show up with all of the equipment and make it an easy task. The last thing you want after a long drive is to have to unload all of your goods from the truck. If you are moving out of Orange County, then having professionals load the truck will insure that everything is loaded correctly. Professional movers can probably load up a truck much better than you and your friends. Our crew will bring all of the dollies, shrink wrap, tools and equipment to get everything loaded up quickly. You can purchase standard moving blankets or the alternative single use paper moving blankets too. The paper moving blankets are an economical way to wrap and protect your furniture.



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You can get a secure storage unit in a climate controlled warehouse that will fit your budget and needs.

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When you have to move and don't want to do all of the work involved in getting ready for the move, make that one phone call to us and your move will be completely handled with no effort or work required on your part.

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